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We offer a 5% discount off of the total sale price of a horse if paid with CASH!

 (Does not include consignment horses & does not apply toward checks, only cash)

Rescue horses

We have been caring for a lot of Rescue horses. This is a difficult business because they are sometimes in such bad shape that they need a lot of care. 

To continue our efforts, and to take in more than just 2 - 3 at a time, we need feed & supplements for these poor guys. 

If you have any extra, or would like to donate any supplements, for example, hay, dewormers or vaccines, please contact me. It will go a long ways to helping these deserving animals.

To help please contact Francesca at:

520-990-2041 or email 


We also take in neglected, unwanted or donated horses. If they need TLC we are here to help get them in good shape & placed to a good home. 

Please let us know if you or someone you know has a horse that can't be afforded, taken care of anymore or simply want's to place him in another home. We will keep everything confidential.

We have already saved many that are being well taken care of & in new homes where they are making their new owners very happy.

If you have a horse that needs a second chance or another home please let us help!



Email us at


 call 520-990-2041